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I don't know if you remember me or not, but my name is Riley. I had been abandoned in an empty apartment without food or water, and even though I figured out how to drink water from the toilet (yes, I am resourceful), I still got pretty skinny - emaciated, almost. I was down to 12 1/2 pounds and should be between 19 and 21 lbs! My hair was knotted and matted, and I was a sad sight.

In December 2007, you (with the assistance of Petfinder and a nice lady named Jodi) helped me find my forever home. Since my mommy found me, or maybe I should say since I adopted her, I've gained 7 1/2 lbs, have had my hair almost shaved off and completely regrown, and might now be considered spoiled. Not only do I have all the food and water could I ever want, but I have a nice home where I can sleep on the bed, on the couch, or even on my mom. I play a lot, I bark back at thunder in the summer and the snowplow monster in the winter, and have lots and lots of friends in my neighborhood. I even have my own page on Facebook!

I have a happy life now. Thank you for picking me up when I was abandoned, and helping me to find my true mom. Life is good!

Here are 3 photos my mom took of me. I hate when she takes my picture when I'm sleeping!

Riley 1of3 Riley 2of3 Riley 3of3

This is the pictures we took of Scruffy the day we got him.
He is doing good.  There is just a couple of minor issues we are having corrected.  He is very possessive over a certain chair and his food.
We have hired a trainer to help with these issues and other normal dog training (more like human training). Scruffy 1 of 2 Scruffy 2 of 2

Chance is filling out and almost all his hair has grown back. He is a wonderful addition to our family, although he likes to chase skunks and has been "skunked" twice.

Can't remember the name of this pit bull that was at Buddy, but I think he's having a good time.
Bruiser 1 of 9 Bruiser 2 of 9 Bruiser 3 of 9 Bruiser 4 of 9 Bruiser 5 of 9 Bruiser 6 of 9 Bruiser 7 of 9 Bruiser 8 of 9 Bruiser 9 of 9

Just wanted to let you know how spoiled Katie [nee Nancy] is. She has been with us for almost a year and we just love her. She loves to go camping with us and playing outside. She is a good dog and has mastered the commands of sit, paw and lay down.
Katie 1 of 2 Katie 2 of 2

We adopted Dexter (aka Woody) about [mid November], and I wanted let you all know how he's doing and pass along some pictures.  We fell in love him the first time we saw him at The Buddy Foundation and have just loved him more and more ever since. He's a wonderful dog... completely house broken, taking very well to training and learning new tricks, and very affectionate.  He's been to the vet for a check up and is completely healthy.  He also made out very well for Christmas this year and has been enjoying the snow and playing with all his new toys.  Hope you enjoy the pictures.  Thanks to everyone at the Buddy Foundation for taking such good care of Dexter until we found him!

Dexter 1 of 3 Dexter 2of3 Dexter 3 of 3

Just a note to let you know that Tiger (C0933) is doing very well at our house.  Tiger weighed 9.5 pounds at the vet's office the day after we adopted her.  Two months later she was up to 11.5 pounds at the vet's office (teeth cleaning). Per the vet we are monitoring her food intake to make sure she does not get any bigger.  She is such a wonderful cat.   Gets along with everyone that comes to our house.  From day 1 she has wanted to "snuggle" so we decided to rename her "Snuggles".

Tiger (C0933) 1of3 Tiger (C0933) 2of3 Tiger (C0933) 3of3