Beamer is a long furred black and white male.

Beamer is a long furred black and white male. He came to us with his litter mates Magnum and Boomer. The three of them have the distinction of being the last kittens from our infamous Lucy. Mom was finally caught, spayed and retired at a farm for feral cats. Magnum has been adopted and Boomer is in our cat room 2. Beamer unfortunately was diagnosed with FIV, so he could not go into the general population and has joined our adult FIV positive cats in the Annex. As a reault Beamer is one of our special needs cats. Beamer was always the shyest of the siblings. He still tends to hide if he doesn't know you. If he does come out, he can be quite friendly. Come in and spend some time with this special cat. Once you get to know him you just might want to make like Scotty from Star Trek and beam him to his forever home.

Black and whtie
Domestic Long Hair
May 2017
Special Needs - FIV positive

Beamer is one of our special buddies and deserves a loving home, but may require more love and care.

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