Beyonce is a small black and white female cat.

Beyonce is a small black and white female that arrived at Buddy with her mother and two siblings. All of them were less than friendly and spent quite some time being socialized. The three kittens spent several months with one of our fosters. When they returned they moved into one of our kitten rooms. Beyonce was always the most shy of the three, and as a result her siblings, Swift and Taylor, have both been adopted, but Beyonce is still with us. She recently embarked on a new adventure. Since she is now over a year old she has moved into our cat room 2. The change has been good for her. She is now out and about a lot more and is more willing to have people pet her and play with her. Perhaps you can come in and spend some time with her and help her take that final step to finding a loving forever home.

Black and white
Domestic Short Hair
Apr. 2016

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