Chance is a white and dark gray male cat.

Chance is a white and dark gray male. He was apparently dumped behind the shelter by his previous owner. We spent over a year trying to catch him, but he kept evading the traps. When we finally did catch him he appeared to be almost feral and wouldn't have anything to do with people. When he was taken to the vet to be neutered we found he had some very bad teeth. Once they were removed Chance became a completely different cat. He is now very laid back and has no problem with anyone visiting him in the Annex. He likes to be petted and after a couple of ear scritches will start to purr and rub back. He may have a little way to go before he will let you pick him up but he certain is not feral. Come in and visit to see just how much a cat can improve given a little loving care. Perhaps he will get a second chance at a forever home.

Domestic Short Hair
White and Dark Grey
Special Needs - FIV Positive

Chance is one of our special buddies and deserves a loving home, but may require more love and care.

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