Colt is a handsome gray and white male.

Colt is a handsome gray and white male that arrived at the shelter with his siblings. They all got a late start being socialized and as a result spent most of their kittenhood sharing a set of five cat condos. Initially Colt was not as outgoing as one of his brothers. Over time he became more friendly and approachable than his siblings. He recently graduated to one of our cat rooms where he is getting along well. He is still a bit shy and may hide when some one new first comes into the room. It may take a couple of minutes, but his curiosity will get the better of him and he will come out to watch you and to see if you are going to offer him a treat or two. Once out he sometimes enjoys playing with the laser dot. Come in and visit with Colt and see if he will chase the dot for you.

Domestic Short Hair
Gray and White
Oct. 2014

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