Voices his opinion

Cooper is a true beagle at heart. He is loyal, happy, curious, and gentle. Cooper’s favorite part of the day is going for long walks and smelling the fresh air.  He gets along with other dogs, and enjoys being around people.  

Cooper has a slight issue with his discs in his back, although this isn’t rare in some beagles as they get older. This can be treated with meds (which Cooper is on) or acupuncture as needed. Although this doesn’t seem to stop him from being a happy go lucky kind of pup.

As with any rescue animal, please give Cooper time to get settled as this is a brand new environment for him.

Special needs: Degenerative disc disease

Beagle mix
4 years
30 lbs.

Cooper is one of our special buddies and deserves a loving home, but may require more love and care.

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