Mastiff mix

Hawk is currently in a foster home. If you are interested in meeting Hawk, please give us a call so we may setup an appointment for you. Thank you!

Hawk: he’s one of the good boys. This 5 year Mastiff mix came to us due to his owner losing his home. Hawk is good natured, housebroken, and loving. This gentle giant weighs just under 100 pounds.

He is mellow and happy to snuggle with you on his couch, receive belly rubs, and chew on his favorite bones. Hawk is not much of a morning person, it takes him a little bit to get going, because he enjoys snuggling in the blankets so much, I mean who wouldn’t and with this face, I wouldn’t want to get up either!!

Hawk walks like a true gentleman on the leash. He does love to run around the yard, so don’t let his laziness fool you too much. We are requiring a secured fence for Hawk, due to his size. He would do best in a home with a small family, or a single person, no other pets in the house hold and no children.

Hawk demonstrates some of the typical Mastiff personality, loving and affectionate towards family and has a calm demeanor as well as being suspicious of strangers and protective of his family.

Hawk would really love his forever home, and spend his days with you on the couch or lounging in the sun. Come on by to meet your new best friend.

Mastiff mix
5 years
95 Lbs

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