Smiles at you when happy!!

Hi! I’m Jackie and I’m 6 and half years old. My nick name should be Elvis with the smile I give my favorite people. I love when my friends come to visit me, I give a smile, wiggle, lay on my back and just enjoy the belly rubs they give me. I’m a very shy girl with new people, I could use some extra help being confident. I do best with my favorite people when I’m an only pup, as I like all the attention to myself. I also get very shy and nervous around children, I don’t quite know what they are.... they jump, scream and move fast I’ve never seen anything like it.

I love running around in the yard and smelling new things. I could spend all day out there especially when the sun is shining on me.

I’ve been at The Buddy Foundation a very long time, and I don’t know why. I mean I love it here and they take such good care of me, but I would love to sit on a nice fluffy couch, or have a toy I can destroy once in a while, and just be with my best friend forever you know! Won’t you please take a chance on me?

Shepherd/Beagle/Pit mix
6.5 Yrs
60 Lbs

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