Shepherd mix

Max is a 7 year old purebred German Shepherd who has only ever known what life was like just him and his owner. Max was brought to The Buddy Foundation because his owner got married, and had a baby - it was either Max or the baby.

Sadly, Max was not socialized during his time with his previous owner. Although, it has been beneficial for Max to be at the rescue due to him being exposed to more people and having to figure out if he can trust them. Max has met some of his favorite friends at The Buddy Foundation!! He will sit and wait patiently for them come and say hi or to play. He would do best in a home with no children, no other pets, and someone who has owned shepherds or power breed dogs before.

Max LOVES to play fetch. Whether it’s in his play room or in the yard, he could go on for days if you let him. He walks wonderfully on leash, he doesn’t pull and listens to commands. He will also hang out with you on the couch, and watch some of your favorite movies.

He is typical of the breed. If you research German Shepherd it lists;

- Loyal

- Courageous

- Confident

- Willing to put their life on the line for their family

That describes Max! Come and take a chance to meet your furever friend!

German Sheperd
7 Years
82 Lbs

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