Shar Pei mix

This little Shar Pei - Basset mix is full of life! Her name is Millie. Ta-daaaa!!

Millie is what they call a “designer” breed. She started her little life at Happiness as Pets and moved into a loving home. Unfortunately, the owner moved and could not bring sweet Millie with her. When we saw her adorable face and stumpy little legs we knew we would help her find her next home.

Millie has a sweet temper and likes everyone she meets. She enjoys going for long walks, running around the yard and being with people. Remember, Millie is just a pup and will need ongoing training. She does not do well in a kennel or a crate and would do best gated in a small bedroom, bathroom or kitchen. Those big loud things human’s use to clean the house… thank you - Millie is not a fan.

Come meet this happy, playful, funny and loving pup today!

Shar Pei/ Basset Hound mix
~1.5 Yrs

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