Chooses friends carefully. No kids, no cats.

Peachtree is a 10 year old terrier and has been with us for six years. She loves life at The Buddy Foundation because she gets two meals a day, multiple walks, and has a nice comfy bed BUT we would love for her to find her furever home.

This lady is an easy going couch potato. She loves affection, treats and belly rubs. She gets along with most dogs, but has her best friend named Chester, in which she enjoys going for walks or playing in the yard with. Peachtree is not a fan of cats as she feel’s they are too high maintenance.

Peach has no bad habits like getting into the trash, or chewing on things that aren’t hers. Peachtree will be the first one to greet you at the door with her tail wagging. She wants to be where you are, so if you’re lying on the bed or the couch she wants to be there too (she may need some stairs or step stool as she’s getting a little older). Peach can be a lazy daisy, but when a volunteer brings her home on an occasion she absolutely loves going exploring. She enjoys going for car rides and always has to sit quietly in the middle.

Peachtree takes some time to warm up to strangers. Multiple visits may be required and she has been here a long time, it will be a big adjustment.

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Staffordshire Terrier/Boxer mix
10 years
68 lbs.

Peachtree is one of our special buddies and deserves a loving home, but may require more love and care.

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